Agencies That Protect Veterans With Disabilities Against Prejudice And Discrimination In The Workplace
March 27, 2022

Discrimination against veterans in the workplace is widespread in many countries worldwide, particularly in the United States of America. It mostly occurred since many veterans sustained physical injuries that rendered them disabled. Several agencies were created to protect these abused rights and interests in response to this. These agencies partner with governments at various levels to ensure that the right of veterans are protected in their workplaces.

Top Agencies that Protect Veterans

This article focuses on some of the agencies, among many others. They are:

THE Office of the Federal Contract Compliance Program

The agency was first was created in 1978 with an Executive Order by President Jimmy Carter. This agency is a part of the U.S Department of Labor that ensures that employers and organizations that work or do business with the federal government comply with the principle of Non-discrimination in their workspace. The primary responsibility of the OFCCP is to implement and enforce several statutes that prohibit discrimination and mandate affirmative action for federal contractors and subcontractors.

U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The committee of Equal Employment Opportunity was established following the executive order signed by President John F. Kennedy. It was created by section 4 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which protects the rights of people in employment against prejudice and focuses majorly on enforcing these rights in the workplace. The agency was established to investigate and prosecute workplaces that the order.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The US Department of Veteran Affairs, also known as VA, is one of the government agencies placed in charge of administering to Veterans. The Veterans Administration (VA) administers benefit programs for veterans, families, and survivors. Numerous benefits include pensions, education, disability compensation, life insurance, vocational rehabilitation, survivor support, and medical care. As a result of this administration, three offices were created and established. They include the Veterans Bureau, the Bureau of Pensions of the Interior Department, and the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers.

U.S Office of Personnel Management

This agency was formed 43 years ago on January 1, 1979. Through its commitment to providing for Veterans, the department created a program titled “Feds Hire Vets,” which serves as an access point for Veterans to connect with federal jobs through this Office. One major thing that differentiates this department from others is that it tends to protect healthcare and provides life insurance benefits for Veterans. It also provides retirement benefits.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development

This is a department dedicated to providing high-quality employment opportunities to Veterans. They primarily provide information to Veterans to find and secure suitable employment and transition from the military to the civilian workforce. These services include assistance with job searching, developing a resume, preparing for an interview, grant and incentive assistance, post-employment counseling, referrals to other agencies, occupational skills assessment, direct referrals to jobs, and informing Veterans of their rights and employment benefits.

These agencies have been protecting veterans with disabilities, and it has improved their emotional, physical, and mental well-being.