Best Places To Sell Your Oil Painting
March 22, 2022

Painting is an exercise that requires effort, strength, and time to execute. Most oil paintings are used as interior designs, such as hanging them on the walls of your home or offices. They can also be used as exterior designs as most people love quality and distinctive paintings. As such, it is essential to know where to sell oil paintings so that you can recoup some amazing amounts from your efforts. According to studies, oil paintings by upcoming artists typically sell within the range of $100 and $1000, so as early as possible, you can start selling your paintings if you know the right place.

Top Locations Where You Can Sell Your Oil Paintings

Paintings are great ways to express yourself and tell your stories. For artists looking for the best places to sell their oil paintings, below are the best places to sell your oil paintings:


Amazon is one of the most influential economic and artistic websites. Over the years, Amazon has proved its credibility, and with over 100 over the world each month, it’s easy to get customers that’ll buy your art. You only need to set up your Amazon account, specify the best products to sell, and look for familiar wholesalers. You’ll get the perfect customer for your oil painting within a limited period.


This is an outstanding online marketplace popular among designers, painters, and artists looking to present their works to their potential customers and sell their art without having to meet their potential customers physically. To sell at Etsy, you need to create your shop, list your products, and start making sales. Through Etsy, it’s easy to locate your customers. They support independence and your privacy, which are the highest priorities of most artists. And most importantly, their fees/charges are affordable.

FineArt America

To sell your art on FineArt America, you need to open your account, send photos of your artwork, choose which products to promote, and fix your prices. Over 100,000 artists worldwide use this site to sell their arts, and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. This site runs 24 hours per day, so you don’t need to wait for a specific time to sell your art.


This art gallery is responsible for showing artworks to potential customers in a significant way to encourage people to buy them. They sell your original work. Asides from selling your art online, you can also sell it physically. They focus their efforts on promoting their artist through considerable publicity and their online network. Some crafts have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Art in America. To sell your arts, it’s vital to become a member of Ugallery, and it will be worth it.


It is an eCommerce platform for all businesses. You can easily choose your online store theme on this site and then customize it to match your brand. You can easily set up a custom domain, payments, shipping, and billing; you can also add your products, pick a plan that suits you, and launch your store—ads sales channels like Google, Facebook, and Instagram and market your business with easy-to-use tools. There are also support advisors, easy-to-help documents, and a place to connect with over 2.1 million daily users.

These sites require little effort for you to sell your art. You don’t have to use the traditional method of moving from various houses to advertise your crafts, and it’s already made easy. Without any further delay, you can quickly start earning from your oil painting.