March 31, 2022

I have enjoyed tent camping all my life! The smell of the fire and the sound of the rain. The cool dewey mornings and the warm summer evenings. I love to tent camp but I have noticed it is getting harder and harder to set up the campsite and my huge tent. I am also no longer looking forward to sleeping on the ground. As I approach retirement, I have more of an appreciation for the simpler things in life. So, I have done it! I’ve turned into one of THOSE people! I bought a CAMPER and I can’t wait to use it this spring! That’s right, instead of an air mattress, it will be a bed…. instead of an ice chest, a refrigerator… and instead of a tent, a fiberglass shell! I even went as far as buying a new generator for BOONDOCKING! I also bought a TV for the wall. Good lord, what have I become?  Don’t worry though, I haven’t traded in everything. I will still enjoy using my Coleman lanterns and stove, which I have used for years. I refuse to give up my Lodge Logic cast iron skillets and Dutch ovens. I will always use my expandable forks to roast marshmallows to a golden perfection. And of course, I can’t give up my comfy sleeping bag! So come along and be part of my new camping life. I will continue to let you know how I progress at glamping. Please leave positive comments on how to make my glamping, more enjoyable. I look forward to your helpful hints!


This is intended to be a forum for us to trade ideas on how to keep our teenagers interested in camping with us. I have twin boys and have always loved being part of their camping adventures. We can share ideas on games, campfire recipes, fishing tips and anything else we can use to keep them interested in camping. Please keep in mind we want ideas that will allow us to spend time with our teens while still giving them opportunities for independence. And don’t forget rainy day ideas!


Teens love competition. Give it to them! Card games, Board games, but most of all Yard games! There are dozens of yard games that are popular to play. The exercise is great and yard games are hard to play with a phone in your hand! What camping games do you play with your teens? Let me know your favorite ways to spend time together!


Much like TEEN TENTN’, but this will be for our younger campers. I hope to discuss things that will help our youngsters learn to love camping as much as we do. These ideas should be more supervised than the ideas for TEENS. After all, it’s all about spending time together!

KID KAMPN’ TIP: TINFOIL! It just makes life easier! When my boys were young, they loved making s’mores. The problem was they always burned the marshmallows. A Canadian friend showed me the light. Instead of roasting the marshmallow on a stick (still my favorite way) they would make the s’more and wrap it in tinfoil and set them on the campfire stones. After a few turns and about 10 minutes or so, unwrap and enjoy! No burning and less mess!

Let me know how this works for you!


You guessed it! We can’t forget our lickin’ loved ones! Share ideas on how to make camp life easy for our pets. What pets do you camp with? What feeding tips can you think of? What works and what should you have done differently? What etiquette tips can you share?

PUP TENTN’ TIP:   PET ETIQUETTE — HAVE SOME! One of my favorite campouts last summers was ruined each morning before I woke! The people camping next to me had a beautiful Husky. This dog was adorable, but his owners had an ugly bad habit. Instead of taking their dog for a walk to “do his business” they would tie him

to a tree early in the morning. Then, instead of giving him attention, they would retreat to their camper and have breakfast and get their kids dressed and ready for the day. The problem was, as soon as their dog was done relieving himself, he would start whining and barking.  He wanted back in the camper to be with his people. This would last for an hour each morning! I woke up angry each morning! On the third day, I had had enough. It was time to talk! Being a person that avoids confrontation, I was uncomfortable, but I couldn’t go through another morning of misery. Waiting to make sure they were all up and going, I approached only to see them packing up and getting ready to leave! So, my first tip is “DON’T BE A JERK! Give your furry friends the time they deserve! They are part of your family and want to be with you, even if you do have social issues!

Has this ever happened to you? How did you handle it?


Let’s share recipes and techniques! Discuss cookware and heat sources! Meals always seem to taste better when camping. If you don’t use cast iron, you are a
loser! Just kidding, just kidding! Nobody is a loser when eating campfire food! BUT, cast iron is the way to go, when it comes to campfires!

CAMPFIRE COOKN’ TIP:   GET SOME CAST IRON COOKWARE! I use several sizes of skillets and Dutch ovens. I recommend Lodge Logic. They come pre-seasoned (though I always season them myself.) Be sure to watch for future tips on how to season them properly. I recommend buying one or two at a time until you better understand the sizes you will use for your family’s needs. To start with, get sizes like the cookware you use at home. Properly taken care of cast iron can last well over 100 years. So, take care of your cast iron! Your great grandchildren are depending on you! Cast iron is reasonably priced now, but who knows what it will cost them in the 2120’s?


Camping can get stressful and that’s no fun. So, take time for yourself and relax. A great way to get away from it all, is to get in the hammock and open a book! Reading might not be as cool as it used to be, but don’t let that stop you. Let’s share our written words! What kind of books interest you? What have you read recently? What books can you recommend? I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

BOOK READN’ TIP:   MAGAZINES! Don’t laugh, hear me out. Magazines can be great for campouts. They have lots of articles that you can discuss with others. You can easily finish the whole thing in a weekend. (No stopping halfway through a book when it’s time to go home.) They are a good time killer for your co-pilot in the car. The large variety of magazines makes it near impossible not to find one that will interest you. Kids love and will look forward to picking out their own magazines to QUIETLY read in the car. (hint, hint)


I’m looking forward to becoming a glamper! Camping with electricity is a shocking concept! I hope to hear from you soon and frequently. Sharing your ideas and suggestions is exciting and I am waiting impatiently. So, please join me and let’s all benefit from each other’s ideas!