Characteristics Of Native American Art
March 21, 2022

Native American Art involves artwork made by aboriginals of people in the North, which includes South America, Central America, and it has been in existence since 18,000 BC till now. Native American arts were created using plant and animal materials, and they are still in use. Although most of these arts are old, new native American Arts have not ceased to exist. Now, people worldwide are demanding unique and awesome pieces in museums for others to view. This is because there are some special characteristics of American Art. Over time, these characteristics and features have grown to become the distinguishing attributes that Native American artworks are associated with.

Feature of Native American Art

There are various characteristics of Native American Arts such as Reliance on raw materials, a sense of belonging, etc. Below are some of the major elements of Native American arts:

Reliance on Raw Materials

One of the major characteristics of Native American Artis is that they rely on most of the materials around them. This means that they have the master art of manipulating raw materials to create things with great effect. Native American Artists are limited to the materials around them; the number of woods, clay, ceramics, and other natural materials are used to create finished products for sale.

Mixture of Modern and Old Techniques

Different talented artists mix both new and old Techniques to create beautiful things. Since the inception of Native American Arts, there have been other Techniques of creating diverse arts, and these Techniques have evolved because of the era of technology. However, artists born in the time of the old Techniques have found a way to mix the Techniques of the old-time and the new time to create something beautiful for use. This has been helpful because it has increased artists’ speed, ease, productivity, and income. Many amazingly talented Native American artists in New Mexico use a mixture of new and ancient techniques when crafting pottery to be sold to collectors.

Mixture of Human and Inanimate Techniques

Inanimate objects can be used to create something that has the quality of human beings, and this is a form of passing information to people through the expression of Art. This is because, from the inception of Native American Art, inanimate objects have been used to make it livelier and appeal to the audience.

It established a sense of belonging and identity

Whenever Art is created, it takes an artist’s body, soul, and spirit to create something beautiful, and this gives him a sense of belonging and identity to him. Some might feel inferior or useless to their peers without this talent, but it has helped overcome this feeling. Those who grew up learning Native American Art have seen it as a part of them, and they are not ready to be detached from it.

The above mentioned characteristics are have been seen in Native American Art over the years, and it has helped to create unique artifacts and paintings.