Famous Native American Artists
March 15, 2022

The popularity of native American arts will be impossible without some exceptional artists that have done their best to produce these unique artworks. Their works are special in terms of their themes and the perspective there were created. These artists have also put much effort into helping others understand the motivations and meanings behind many of their greatest works and different styles. Their works have contributed greatly to some aspects of American culture.

Popular Native American Artists

There are a lot of Native American Artists, but some have proven to be exceptional among others, and they include the following:

Fritz Scholder

The exceptional quality of Fritz Scholder is his ability to combine the American and Egypt rich culture to create something beautiful. Born in 1937, he started his career as a painter and sculptor as early as possible, and within a few years, he became an outstanding artist among his peers. His work made him travel worldwide, meet with different people and express himself through his work. His works sometimes include some items such as television, beer cans, etc.

Allan Houser

Allan Houser was celebrated as a global artist because he was distinct and focused on certain areas such as sculpture, painting, and diverse methods to express himself. He was born in 1914 and was a popular artist in wood carving and paintings before he served as a soldier in World War II. Prominent museums and some exhibits that are nationally recognized have featured his work. Due to his exceptional work, he has mentored other Native American Artists.

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Jaune Quick-to-see Smith is one of the most celebrated Native American Artists in the modern era. Aside from her extensive academic degrees, she has a career as a printmaker and painter, and she has been able to reach people and make an impact through her work. Her works have a blend of different colors with beautiful images that shows the unique quality of the point of view of native Americans and also represent other tribes of native life.

Nocona Burgess

Burgess’s works are unique because his work was associated with the tribe, Comanche, that dominated the United States and specifically the southwest of that country. His work is premium and taken with the utmost respect because of his bold and thriving painting style. Asides from this, he is also popular because he painted some popular native Americans that ever lived on earth. His photographed portraits included pictures of popular native Americans when they were alive. His works have also been featured in noticeable museums.

Joan Hill

Joan Hill is known as outstanding among her mates. She was born in 1930 and later had different degrees in fine arts, and she also created some of the most beautiful paintings in the world. Her work mainly focuses on using watercolor paint, and she is referred to as a master in this field.

Throughout her career, she has inspired many people who have, over the years, become wonderful artists.

These famous artists are trailblazers in their profession and have inspired plenty of people in this field, and Native American art has also come to stay for generations to come.