Five Top Oil Painting Tips For Beginners
March 14, 2022

Oil painting is one of the aesthetic activities that people are greatly attracted to. Oil Painting is a method of painting with colorings with a platform of drying oil. It has been the primarily used method for artistic painting on wood board or canvas. Since the 15th century, people have found it interesting and exciting to explore oil painting as an aesthetic event. This has led to the creation of outstanding paintings such as the Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, etc. The painting style is a testament to humans’ creative ingenuity, and it involves observing some essential painting tips that are vital to creating unique artworks.

Valuable Oil Painting Tips for Beginners

As a beginner who’s ready to go into oil painting, the following are essential tips to observe:

Paint Safely

Beginners tend to be very enthusiastic about their new adventure and often hesitate to observe many vital safety tips while exploring this new field. However, it is crucial as a beginner that you follow essential safety precautions while painting to avoid accidents. The pigments in oil paint often contain hazardous chemicals that can be absorbed through the skin, causing skin irritation and damage; therefore, it is advisable to use protective equipment to avoid possible harm.

Know Your Materials

As a beginner who is not familiar with the painting materials, it’s advisable to study your painting materials. It can be done by either speaking to professional painters or going to the internet to learn more about the materials used in painting. This knowledge will enable you to produce quality and beautiful paintings.

Start by Painting the Same Subject Consistently.

Like in all areas of life, one of the essential characteristics of those who have become experts in their fields is consistency. It is not an exception in oil painting. A beginner should endeavor to paint a particular object repeatedly to achieve perfection. Through this, you will note your mistakes and then build on them. Also, if you stick to painting the same type of painting, your creative thinking will shine through in applying your paint.

Learn Global Techniques

Besides the above techniques, another essential tip to note is global Techniques. After painting a particular subject consistently, learn how to apply international techniques to the same painting. Great oil painters have mastered a handful of methods they repeatedly use in all their images, which has helped them. Learning from different people will also prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes, and within a few months, you will become an expert.

Buy quality oil painting materials

The essential oil painting materials for beginners are paint, brushes, turpentine or mineral spirits, cleaning brushes, linseed oil or an oil medium, newsprint or rags, palette, painting surface, pencils, easel, painting clothes. As a beginner, it is essential to start with quality materials; this will improve the standard of the painting and also encourage you to paint more. The use of substandard materials will not give you the best result, which might lead to low-quality oil painting.

Above are the essential tips to note as a beginner, and these tips will help improve the quality of your oil painting!