How To Get Music For Karaoke
March 13, 2022

Whether consciously or not, we all enjoy singing along to our favorite songs. At some point in their lives, everyone has sung along or at least hummed to the songs of their favorite artists. Perhaps you have noticed this and have decided to go into the Karaoke business, or you probably want to have a little get-together with friends where you would like to sing together. However, one way to enjoy your karaoke sessions is by selecting amazing songs for your karaoke.

Best Ways to Get Music for Karaoke

Below are some of the diverse ways you can get music for your karaoke:

Karaoke Websites

Downloading songs from karaoke websites is one of the easiest ways to get music for your karaoke. Various websites constantly upload karaoke versions of the latest music hits for download. They upload videos that show the lyrics of songs of well-known artists in time with the audio. These videos can be easily downloaded and used offline to perform karaoke with friends. A good example is Karaoke Version, a website comprising more than 63,000 quality cover versions and instrumentals drawn from different genres. The website also provides a large catalog of different karaoke files which are found in CDG and WMV designs.

An amazing feature of the Karaoke Version is isolating specific instruments in turn. For instance, you could choose only to have the guitar or the piano playing while you sing the song’s lyrics. Cool right? However, you should know that many of the songs on the Karaoke Version cost a couple of dollars. Other karaoke websites include KaraFun Online player, Sunfly Karaoke, Singa, etc.


Another good place to get music for your karaoke is YouTube. Many YouTube channels regularly post karaoke versions of hit songs. Sing King, KaraFun Karaoke, CC Karaoke, Tracks Planet Karaoke, Easy Karaoke, etc.

Karaoke Apps

Karaoke apps have become very popular due to their vast libraries of high-quality songs. These apps are now available for virtually every smart device, e.g., Android, Apple, Windows, etc. They usually feature an enormous library of pieces that can be easily accessed through a search icon. Most karaoke apps are completely free, while others use monthly subscriptions with a free trial option. It is important to note that karaoke apps display ads, especially free ones. Examples of karaoke apps are The Voice, StarMaker, Karaoke by Yokee, Smule, etc.

Karaoke Software

Like karaoke apps, karaoke software can be downloaded to provide a wide variety of high-quality karaoke tracks. However, virtually all karaoke software requires a monthly subscription, with only a few offering a free trial option.

Creation of Karaoke Tracks

The advent of different apps has made it possible to create your karaoke tracks. With apps like Audacity, KapWing, etc., you can now remove the vocals from your favorite channels, create lyrics videos, and sync instrumental tracks with lyrics videos. This process requires expertise but is the best if you find the other options limiting.

Karaoke tracks can be gotten through various means, and some of them have been explained above.