Types Of Veterans
March 1, 2022

Veterans, also known as ex-military men, refer to persons who have engaged in military service. They are mostly retired personnel who have been discharged from active service for various reasons ranging from combat injuries to health conditions, personal misconduct, and others. Such persons are generally believed to have engaged in several services within the navy, military, or airforce services. There are various types of veterans, and each of these veterans is categorized based on their type of service.

The Different Types of Veteran’s Rights

As a veteran, there are various types of rights you are entitled to enjoy due to your service history and commitment to your country. Below are types of rights veteran rights recognized and enforced across the globe:

Right to Reasonable Accommodation: The right to reasonable accommodation protects veterans against workplace difficulties caused by the nature of the facility. For instance, amending the workplace structure to be accessible to physically disabled veterans.

Right to Non-Discriminatory Environment: Most countries in the world recognize veterans’ rights to be protected against workplace discrimination. A veteran cannot be denied employment because of their status or disability.

Confidentiality: This refers to the right against improper disclosure of a veteran’s military history, which could expose them to various harms.

Categories of Veterans

There are different types of veterans, and below are the types of veterans:

Peacetime Veterans

This category of veterans refers to military personnel within a country’s navy, air force, and military who did not participate in active military service. There are mostly troops and service members who take part in peacetime services and do not engage in active combats. Such veterans are usually found among peacekeeping missions executed by different bodies such as the United Nations peacekeeping missions and other regional and international peacekeeping missions. They are also entitled to various veteran benefits such as home loans, education, nursing home care, burial benefits, compensations, and cemetery benefits.

War Veterans

Unlike peacetime veterans, war veterans refer to military personnel who took part in active military services involving combats and battles. They usually took part in military services in foreign territories and were members of combat troops. Their service area could also be within their home nations, especially veterans engaged in domestic uprisings or civil wars. They are generally regarded as veterans regardless of the duration of their missions. They are entitled to various benefits such as home care, burial benefits, compensations, free medical care for those with severe injuries, etc. They also usually include nurses, clerical personnel, doctors, mechanics, etc.

Combat Veterans

Like wartime veterans, a combat veteran refers to persons who have witnessed any amount of hostility due to defensive and offensive enemy actions. While similar to war veterans, the term broadly recognizes different personnel who took part in various combats services and must have suffered some physical disability. They are also entitled to various benefits such as long-term medical care, educational benefits, home support, etc. Their length of service is immaterial as a person can become a combat veteran from one day of military service.

There are various types of veterans, and each veteran is categorized based on the circumstances and character of their service. They are also entitled to different benefits due to their status.